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suffolk / Суффолк
имя существительное
имя существительное
a county in eastern England, on the coast of East Anglia; county town, Ipswich.
a commercial and agricultural city in southern Virginia, in the Hampton Roads area; population 82,302 (est. 2008).
a sheep of a large black-faced breed with a short fleece.
We have been breeding Suffolks and mainly sell to commercial lamb producers, who return to us on a regular basis.
Richard is holding on to some land on which to keep a flock of Suffolk sheep , but is also now working for local a plant hire company.
He uses a Texel ram on the Suffolk ewes and a Suffolk ram on the Texel ewes.
It was Doug Jewitt with a Texel shearling who topped the day at 310 guineas closely followed by a Suffolk from the Bulmer flock at 300 guineas.
Amongst the tups it was Simon Hunter with a Charolais that topped the day at 380 guineas, followed by a Texel from Colin Milburn at 345 guineas, and a Suffolk from Mark Bulmer at 290 guineas.
It involved a nervous system disease called scrapie that had befallen a flock of about 36 Suffolk sheep in downtown Tucson.
Entries have been particularly strong in the Limousin and Holstein cattle breeds and in the Texel and Suffolk sheep categories.
He aims for the French trade with his lambs which are from Cheviot x Blackface Ewes mated to a Suffolk / Texel Ram and Blackface ewes mated to a Cheviot or Blackface ram.
He had bred cross-bred sheep for several years but it was Lorna who persuaded him that the family's success in sheep lay in Suffolks .
A flock of 200 ewes, half of which are Suffolks and the rest Mules, are run with either a Texel or a Suffolk tup to produce fat lambs.
The Hattens have a weanling to beef enterprise and also keep some pedigree Suffolks .