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sufficiency / достаточность, достаток
имя существительное
adequacy, sufficiency
prosperity, sufficiency, plenty, easy circumstances, competence, competency
имя существительное
the condition or quality of being adequate or sufficient.
The main body of the paper will be taken up with elucidation and argument for the necessity and sufficiency of these conditions.
In contrast, economic sufficiency emerged as a significant theme when the adolescents were asked to describe their ideal lives.
a sufficiency of good food
Thus, where brownfield sites do not provide such supply, a sufficiency of greenfield sites should be identified.
This raises the question of how primates are able to locate a sufficiency of ripe fruits each day.
Surely, the last thing we want is to discover is that productive economic players are overtaken by a sudden sense of sufficiency .
It appears that art as an activity contributes nothing to the upkeep of the individual; it rarely obtains for him a sufficiency of money for rent and food, and does nothing to gratify sexual requirements.
We can use these faculties to tend the planet and all its inhabitants, by means of inclusive social practices and arrangements that ensure a loving sufficiency for all.
Australia's volunteer blood donors are everyday heroes whose goodwill and commitment underpin the safety and sufficiency of Australia's blood supply.
A common expectation is that poor adolescents would place more emphasis on economic sufficiency in their ideal lives.
a sufficiency of good food