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suffice / хватить, хватать, быть достаточным
suffice, be sufficient
seize, suffice, snatch, last, claw, pluck at
быть достаточным
suffice, adequate, do, last out, go round, last
be enough or adequate.
a quick look should suffice
a quick look should suffice
A small cheque in the post, by way of consultancy fee, will suffice Brian.
There were four of them, all a good size, and you could see how they would easily suffice two people sharing.
Luckily enough, this will suffice as our reference guide for both.
The plaintiff's oral evidence will suffice , if it proves clearly what was the intention of the parties.
a quick look should suffice
simple mediocrity cannot suffice them
The reasons are simply too vast to list, but one example should suffice .
Some very recent examples will suffice to persuade us that piety and knavery are incompatible.
two examples should suffice to prove the contention