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sufferance / терпение, терпимость, молчаливое согласие
имя существительное
patience, bearing, sufferance
tolerance, toleration, forbearance, indulgence, liberality, sufferance
молчаливое согласие
acquiescence, connivance, sufferance, connivancy, connivency
имя существительное
absence of objection rather than genuine approval; toleration.
Charles was only here on sufferance
the suffering or undergoing of something bad or unpleasant.
My appreciation of lone living is borne of great sufferance .
If that is too abstract an observation then there is the simpler truth of politics: Britain is a middle class country and all parties now hold office on the sufferance of the bourgeoisie.
Pain, like everything else, is a sufferance , impermanent and non-existent.
The Dalit students' experience of university life is one of being admitted only on sufferance .
an estate at sufferance
My appreciation of lone living is borne of great sufferance .
Consequently, religion remained the chief stuff of politics and the Anglican elite to an important extent ruled on sufferance .
At common law the tenant at sufferance was in a very precarious position, because the landlord was able to recover possession of the premises, even by force.
Refugees still entered Britain after that, but on sufferance , rather than as a right.
an estate at sufferance
For sufferance now will be rewarded greatly in the Reconciliation.