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sue / предъявлять иск, выступать в качестве истца, возбуждать дело
предъявлять иск
sue, pursue
выступать в качестве истца
возбуждать дело
institute legal proceedings against (a person or institution), typically for redress.
she is to sue the baby's father
appeal formally to a person for something.
the rebels were forced to sue for peace
At around the same time news leaked that the leader of the rebels had desperately tried to sue for peace just before the war began.
She was eventually forced to sue for peace but still refused to pay tribute to the Portuguese.
One of our reviewers suggested that the patient had grounds to sue for negligence.
Wars are declared by politicians, who are the same people who at some point sue for peace.
the rebels were forced to sue for peace
Federal recognition would allow the Lemhis to sue for their rights independently.
In order to sue for whiplash, any claimant has to have been involved in a crash that wasn't their fault.
She must now advise her boss that, after eight years of war with Labour rebels, it is time to sue for peace.
As a contractor he adds, he isn't in a position to sue for unfair dismissal.
His forces were overrun by the German and Bulgarian armies, and on 7 May he was forced to sue for peace.