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suds / мыльная пена, пиво, мыльная вода
имя существительное
мыльная пена
lather, suds, soapsuds
beer, ale, malt, suds
мыльная вода
имя существительное
All tickets are still priced under $10 and there's plenty of buzz to be had with your suds in the centrally-located beer tent.
lather, cover, or wash in soapy water.
Martha sudsed my back
He also has a treasure trove of beer facts and information to school anyone on the secrets of the suds .
Although working offshore on the oil rigs and soaking up the suds on the course does not help his game, he still turns in some good scores.
Serving up the suds was a lovely Liverpudlian lass who almost made you feel like you popped into a pub on Coronation Street.
Wash in lukewarm soapy water, rinse until clear of suds in lukewarm water.
they keep the suds flowing all night
She leaned further over the bucket, up to her elbows in suds and wet cloth.
Swish up warm soap or detergent suds in the kitchen sink.
There are now at least two known incidents of bruin burglary, and I suspect there are many others that have gone unreported - because few people have the beer guts to say their suds have been swiped.
The firefighters, made up of on-duty and off-duty personnel, were using fire hoses and traditional suds to get the vehicles spotless.
The bottle is made of heavier-gauge aluminum than a standard beer can, so it keeps the suds colder longer.