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sudden / внезапный, неожиданный, стремительный
имя прилагательное
sudden, surprise, unexpected, abrupt, rude, unhoped
unexpected, sudden, surprising, surprise, abrupt, unsuspected
impetuous, sweeping, rash, sudden, dashing, darting
имя прилагательное
occurring or done quickly and unexpectedly or without warning.
a sudden bright flash
sudden there swooped an eagle downward
They were caused by a sudden violent downpour which drains were unable to cope with.
Antipsychotic drugs should also be considered in unexplained sudden deaths in psychotic patients.
I wasn't expecting moments of sudden and beautiful revelation, empathy, kinship.
it happened so sudden!
The sudden release of the stored chlorine allows rapid destruction of ozone to occur and the ozone hole is formed.
Having a credit card can be invaluable if you have a sudden and unexpected expense, or even if you've just overspent.
To a schoolboy like myself at the time, they were a sudden flash of lightning that lit a dark landscape.
However, it was a sudden dip in the dollar's value that spurred speculative activity.
He was working down Turner Shaft one day when there was a sudden rock fall which buried him and killed him instantly.
The results represent a sudden and widespread shift in public mood in Britain.