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sudan / Судан
имя существительное
Sudan, Soudan
имя существительное
a country in northeastern Africa, south of Egypt, with a coastline on the Red Sea; population 35,473,000 (est. 2011); capital, Khartoum; languages, Arabic (official), Hausa, and others.
a vast region in North Africa that extends across the width of the continent from the southern edge of the Sahara to the tropical equatorial zone in the south.
Bodkin conducted the interviews with the help of a Sudanese interpreter.
I find Americans to be kind and warm to be, they greatly admired my uniqueness as a Sudanese .
We go back in time to trace the tensions between Sudanese , Arabs and black Africans.
This is embodied in his treatment of the Sudanese of West African origin, the Fellata.
I reminded myself of the stories of other Sudanese women who got asylum in Toronto.
the capital of Sudan
They appear unwilling to impose any sanctions on the Sudanese government.
In 1999, they became the first group to reach the U.S. as Sudanese refugees from India.
According to Hany al-Sibai, the Sudanese did not even give them time to pack.
This was bound to be the reaction of those who knew that attacking slavery attacked the heart of Sudanese society.