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suckling / младенец, сосунок, грудной ребенок
имя существительное
baby, infant, child, babe, suckling, cheeper
sucker, suckler, suckling
грудной ребенок
suckling, nurseling, nursling
имя существительное
an unweaned child or animal.
roast suckling pig
feed (a baby or young animal) from the breast or teat.
a mother pig suckling a huge litter
Roast suckling pig might evoke the same lip-smacking if it wasn't such a chintzy portion.
Auriga is depicted by a charioteer who holds a goat in his left arm and some suckling kids in his lap.
And being the over-the-top Chinese parents they are, they had a whole suckling pig roasting on a spit.
Long rows of food stalls were set up to feed the visitors, which included a variety of Thai food, roast turkey and suckling pig fresh from the grill.
The crackling roast suckling pig may divide your table; it's nasty to some, but to others, each bite echoes the sound of maracas.
One sow with hundreds of suckling piglets - the great mother teat for the world.
roast suckling pig
The foie gras is thick and lusty, the wild-bass tartare tasty but cut too chunky, the suckling pig good but too oily.
Delightful, but time-consuming in preparation (there was no way we would have remembered to call ahead 12 hours in advance to warn them we wanted to eat the whole roast suckling , Laotian-style).
They come bearing gifts, a whole roasted suckling pig, delicacies like bird's nest soup and abalone and sweets.