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suckle / кормить грудью, вскармливать, давать сосать вымя
кормить грудью
breast-feed, suckle, nurse, give suck
nurse, suckle, breed, bring up, rear, plump
давать сосать вымя
feed (a baby or young animal) from the breast or teat.
a mother pig suckling a huge litter
Milk production of the breed is, however, still more than sufficient to suckle the calf, and several farmers still milk their cows and process milk into typical cheeses.
It is best that calves suckle from all 4 teats, but make sure at least 2 teats are suckled.
The calf will suckle for up to 13 months and may remain with the mother for another 2-3 months after weaning.
Informal wet-nursing ranges from the occasional nursing of another woman's child to a private arrangement to suckle a baby whose mother is ailing or who has died.
the infant's biological need to suckle
At one point, they tie the mother camel's legs together so the baby can suckle , but once free she wanders away, her unhappy calf following at a distance behind her.
The production of milk comes from suckling on the nipple, and a baby may not suckle frequently enough if it is in a routine.
They suckle their calves for eighteen months, carry them on their backs when they are tired and gently guide them along with their flippers.
Above, looking down from the top stories of the houses, you could see the outlines of large veiled women with kohl-darkened eyes staring down over latticed balustrades, disappearing occasionally to slap a toddler or suckle an infant.
the infant's biological need to suckle