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suchlike / такой, подобный
имя прилагательное
such, suchlike, either
like, similar, alike, corresponding, another, suchlike
things of the type mentioned.
carpets, old chairs, tables, and suchlike
of the type mentioned.
food, drink, clothing, and suchlike provisions
Bread should be a feast to the eye as well, and Jaro had spent hours carving roses and suchlike on them.
Many people have a right of entry to our homes - to read meters and suchlike - and people in council houses, particularly, are subject to the erratic arrival of workmen who may or may not be council employees.
food, drink, clothing, and suchlike provisions
‘We believe they are frequently stolen ‘on demand’ to make garden patios and suchlike .
Massive aquatic centres and suchlike with massive parking lots aren't what London needs.
On a practical note you can purchase insurance, phonecards, rail passes and suchlike from the Travel Store, and all the Rough Guides are available to buy as e-books (Microsoft or Adobe).
If you would like to help, on a voluntary basis, by supplying information about any aspect of Sligo Town, be it tourist information, local histories, local news stories or suchlike , we would be delighted to hear from you.
It appears to consist of him turning up at factory gates and pointing off into the middle distance, at some pipes or cables or suchlike , and mouthing platitudes about ‘jobs and prosperity’.
Then, of course, I was writing more and more journalism, so a lot of jokes and suchlike that might have gone into lighter poems went into reviewing.
Amputations and suchlike in the hospitals are seen very briefly as people push through the crowds of injured and dying.