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succumb / поддаваться, уступить, умереть
succumb, yield, give way, fall for, surrender, take
succumb, give up, step back, knuckle down, knuckle under
die, kick, kick in, pass away, succumb, snuff
fail to resist (pressure, temptation, or some other negative force).
he has become the latest to succumb to the strain
And certain vicars choral did succumb to the temptation of female company.
Indeed, in a critical aside on contemporary journalism, he sees how other editors succumb to temptations of this sort.
They have said they are not prepared to succumb to the pressure from the big countries that want everyone else to do as they say and not do as they do.
Her tastes are Brazilian-style barbecues and Japanese food but she does succumb to certain temptations.
Will they will stick to their ground and fight till the end, or succumb to the pressure?
he has become the latest to succumb to the strain
Sooner or later, I fear, they will succumb to pressure from other, more powerful business interests.
They're about how these characters succumb to these pressures and these influences very much like we all do in our lives.
The opposition will probably be forced to succumb to pressure from the West to join a national unity government.
So should you stay grey, or succumb to the pressure to hit the bottle (of hair colorant)?