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succulent / суккулент
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
juicy, succulent, lush, rich, mellow, sappy
succulent, juicy
fleshy, meaty, beefy, pulpy, succulent, squashy
имя прилагательное
(of food) tender, juicy, and tasty.
The pork was deliciously succulent and tender with a great flavour being imparted from the meat's fat.
имя существительное
a succulent plant.
As a rule of thumb, it's hard to go wrong with classics like the parlour palm, dracaenas, rubber plants, aspidistra (I've always fancied a variegated one), cacti, succulents and the umbrella plant.
Once you've slurped up the delicious, scalding hot soup, then feel free to gobble up the succulent pork and dumpling shell.
Sporting thin, jagged leaves upon a succulent , fleshy stem, the herb is easily uprooted and replanted due to its shallow root system.
For example, thick, waxy, succulent leaves indicate arid environments in which the plant must conserve water.
The rest of the day passed in an exciting rush of succulent foods, rushing lights and hot baths from an always-hot bathtub.
A succulent dish, it was served with a delicate sauce comprising olive oil, garlic and citrus juice.
The seafood primi are tasty, and the walnut cake is positively succulent .
Lewanna imagined thin, crispy crust smothered in sweet yet savory tomato sauce, warm cheese, pepperoni, and succulent mushrooms.
The succulent pork was moist and full of smoke flavor.
The crispy and succulent beans fried with tasty prawn paste and sweet grated coconut may be one of the few vegetarian dishes in the restaurant.
This incredible trailing groundcover has vivid fleshy leaves and succulent stems that enable it to store water and thrive in even the harshest climates.