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successful / успешный, удачный, преуспевающий
имя прилагательное
successful, prosperous, useful, smash
successful, fortunate, lucky, felicitous, happy, prosperous
successful, thriving, flourishing, booming, forehanded, going
имя прилагательное
accomplishing an aim or purpose.
a successful attack on the town
It has been a very long inquiry and it is very pleasing to get a successful result.
Many of them would have been successful and wealthy, but did any have a satisfied mind?
it's a small successful school
the film proved to be very successful
All the artists, now famous and successful , were to be seen on the streets and in the cafes.
Dr Pease said during the treatment they never gave up hope that it might prove successful .
If the aim of this exercise was to sell books, then it was undoubtedly successful .
If the tests are successful , it would be the first vaccine in the world to treat human cases of bird flu.
The key to a successful treatment is to be able to attack the root of the cancer.
the concert was highly successful