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subway / метро, метрополитен, подземка
имя существительное
metro, subway, underground, tube, sub
underground, metro, subway, tube
subway, underground, metro, tube, sub
подземный переход
subway, sub
tunnel, subway, sub
имя существительное
an underground electric railroad.
The subway and light railway can transport people to every corner of the city quickly.
a tunnel under a road for use by pedestrians.
According to the 1996 Highway Road Humps Regulations they must not be built on or within 25 metres of bridges, subways , culverts or tunnels.
Building work is underway to fill in the subway at the foot of New Road and create three new pedestrian crossings.
Quite recently ten well-dressed men were fined two dollars each for spitting in one of the subway stations.
She could see the light from the station up ahead and feel the subway car slowing to greet it.
With that, she headed straight to the subway station and paid a dollar for a ticket.
The subway and light railway can transport people to every corner of the city quickly.
I walked down the stairs of the subway station to get the train that would leave in a few minutes.
As reported in the Daily Echo, he had earlier signed a petition calling for pedestrians to be provided with a bridge or a subway .
The next thing I knew I was in a subway station walking in a line of a lot of people.
The BMTC terminus with a pedestrian subway for safety will also have shops and toilets.
And even after two weeks there were still posters of her face up in the subway stations.