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subvert / ниспровергать, разрушать, свергать
subvert, overturn, throw down
destroy, ruin, break, break down, disrupt, subvert
depose, overthrow, dethrone, overturn, subvert, cast down
undermine the power and authority of (an established system or institution).
an attempt to subvert democratic government
Reactionary attempts to abolish or subvert parliamentary democracy must be resisted.
Please reject this underhanded attempt to subvert democracy in Illinois.
The attempts to subvert the constitution and establish an autocratic form of rule have been on the agenda for quite some time.
Attempts to subvert the system while apparently remaining within it will likely be a lot more common.
an attempt to subvert democratic government
an attempt to subvert democratic government
I think he will continue to find ways to subvert democracy in his own country.
By showing how easy it is to subvert the system the fear goes away.
They would have to subvert the system to keep her over here, but it could be done.
She clearly sees this as an attempt by the Republicans to steal her vote and subvert the system.