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suburbia / предместья и их жители, их образ жизни
имя существительное
the suburbs or their inhabitants viewed collectively.
Unhappiness fuels great disdain for all of suburbia and its inhabitants.
They are accused of doing little or nothing so as long as the problem stays in the inner city and white suburbia is safe.
Like her affluent neighbours in suburbia , Warner found herself obsessing about the smallest things.
A superhero in suburbia is a neat idea, but the suburb has to be at least slightly believable for the show to work.
In fact, all the characters in this film are equally compelling, giving a quirky impression of life in suburbia coming apart at the seams.
Her little bedroom shrine is in deepest Scottish suburbia .
It's a daily visual reminder, one of several visible from the house and garden, that this is not suburbia , it's the countryside.
Currently I'm living in suburbia, real suburbia with families and everything.
the sprawl of suburbia into the surrounding countryside
This is the heaviest and bleakest view of Australianised suburbia ever represented on local screens.
Swedish suburbia is odd - everything looks like pre-fab wartime houses.