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suburban / пригородный, загородный, дачный
имя прилагательное
suburban, suburb, exurban
country, suburban, villatic, out-of-town
suburban, villatic
имя существительное
житель пригорода
suburban, suburbanite, out-of-towner
имя прилагательное
of or characteristic of a suburb.
suburban life
I can improve the way people move around with suburban trains and a central ring road.
In Mixed Feelings Paul plays Vernon, a middle-class man stuck in a suburban rut.
All right, they're slow for the suburban commute, but that's what the trains are for.
In addition, they suggest their music is less influenced by Liverpool itself than their suburban hometown.
In a crowded place like a suburban strip mall parking lot, you are bound to see at least one white van.
Were they fabricated in a suburban yard, shipped in up the Miss, brought in by train?
Thousands of people were forced to get off their trains at suburban stations.
Almost all roads can be considered as either urban or suburban in character.
They are doing this as a hobby to give shape to their empty suburban lives, not out of love for others.
They live in inner suburban Melbourne and her biological clock is ticking but he doesn't want to hear it.