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suburb / предместья, пригород, окрестности
имя существительное
suburb, outskirts
suburb, faubourg, commuterville, purlieus
neighborhood, surroundings, vicinity, environs, suburbs, suburb
имя прилагательное
suburban, suburb, exurban
имя существительное
an outlying district of a city, especially a residential one.
The subjects come from a variety of backgrounds, from inner city ghettoes to upmarket suburbs .
The victim lives in a quiet suburb of a city which enjoys one of the highest qualities of life in Britain.
If she had moved to a country town instead of a city suburb where she felt left out, alone and ignored.
a working-class suburb
The shock of what had happened on a quiet residential street in a suburb of Leeds on Boxing Day hung in the air yesterday.
a suburb of the city
a highly respectable suburb of Chicago
So the only places I've really been to in Sydney are the city and the suburb I live in.
We did much better in the inner city than in the suburbs and the countryside.
The suburbs of the cities have proved to be a difficulty when assessing their political allegiance.
Several other villages and suburbs around the district will lose their roadside urinals.