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subtract / вычитать, отнимать
subtract, deduct, take away, recoup, subduct, take
take, deprive, take away, subtract, rob, take up
take away (a number or amount) from another to calculate the difference.
subtract 43 from 60
subtract 43 from 60
It is therefore forbidden to add or subtract any commandments from the Torah.
Wearing several layers - like a T-shirt, sweatshirt, and robe - makes it easy to add or subtract clothes as needed.
You can always add or subtract calories as needed.
Now, all that simple arithmetic simply means that you add 50 to your chosen number, then you subtract the chosen number!
In first grade my teachers taught me how to add and subtract big numbers.
How do you count, add, and subtract in different bases?
Wear clothing in layers so you can add or subtract items to prevent chills or sweating.
So to get the correct figure, we have to subtract the number of days when it was both.
But when you fill out the worksheet, you must subtract the amount of your payment before those deductions, known as offsets.