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subtlety / тонкость, утонченность, хитрость
имя существительное
subtlety, fineness, thinness, finesse, delicacy, fine point
refinement, sophistication, subtlety, elegance, delicacy, exquisiteness
cunning, trick, stealth, trickery, guile, subtlety
имя существительное
the quality or state of being subtle.
the textural subtlety of Degas
Instead, there are collages of sound devoid of subtlety ; colliding rhythms that make noise rather than sense.
I could forgive the fetishizing of martyrdom if the film displayed a hint of subtlety or emotional resonance.
Not exactly anyone's choice for purveyors of subtlety and wit.
The Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, sing with subtlety as well as grace, in a CD well worth investigating.
This was not simply due to their technical excellence, but their subtlety and force in emotional expression.
the textural subtlety of Degas
In fact, she manages to address most things with subtlety and dignity!
Is Gallic subtlety any match for the brute force of History?
Let's have a bit of subtlety and sophistication here, qualities that postmodernists are always urging us to adopt.
All the texture and subtlety of the script are brought out by a magnificent cast.