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subtle / тонкий, утонченный, нежный
имя прилагательное
thin, fine, subtle, small, slim, delicate
refined, sophisticated, subtle, exquisite, delicate, fine
tender, gentle, delicate, affectionate, soft, subtle
elusive, subtle, intangible, evasive, imponderable, vague
cunning, tricky, sly, artful, crafty, subtle
имя прилагательное
(especially of a change or distinction) so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe.
his language expresses rich and subtle meanings
By means of ingenious and subtle arguments and making the fewest possible assumptions, he arrived at the following conclusions.
But their moves were quiet and furtive, and hard to trace, and so I was forced to use subtle methods to seek the root of this vile blossom.
That was not an impossible ideal but it did require a subtle mind to grasp it.
It is subtle and clever and knows how to get our attention.
Girls tend to use more indirect, subtle , and social methods such as exclusion, manipulation, and spreading rumors.
But take a look at the television advertisements targeting Hispanic voters in this state, and you'll notice a subtle change.
Yet the approach may be more subtle - and quite clever as well.
These strategic dilemmas are supported with some subtle and clever tactical dynamics.
More fundamentally, this book is at times reckless in its disregard for the subtle changes in the representation of religious differences across the period from Shakespeare to Milton.
Lynn's method is at once subtle and mechanical.