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subtitle / подзаголовок, субтитр
имя существительное
subtitle, subheading, subhead, crosshead, cross-heading
имя существительное
captions displayed at the bottom of a movie or television screen that translate or transcribe the dialogue or narrative.
Also included on these discs are English closed captions and subtitles .
a subordinate title of a published work or article giving additional information about its content.
The subtitle of my article published in last week's Mac Weekly leaves me bewildered.
provide (a movie or program) with subtitles.
much of the film is subtitled
provide (a published work or article) with a subtitle.
the novel was aptly subtitled
the book had now acquired its final title with a qualifying subtitle
The subtitle is more explicit about the content.
The current subtitle could also serve as an appropriate title.
The subtitle gives a better sense of the book's contents.
Unfortunately for anyone interested in the economic history of this industry, however, the subtitle is a misnomer, in a number of respects.
I didn't want to put that as the subtitle of the second edition.
The title, and especially the subtitle , suggests more of a guide on how to live with less of the brain clutter that arises from life in an information society.
The word introduction in the subtitle is not appropriate; invitation would be better.
But Wright does subtitle his work ‘a record of reactions in a land of pathos,’ by which he means that his travelogue is a chronicle of his emotional reactions to the place and its people.
Except for the subtitle and copyright page it purports to be more or less a freshman college history of North America after we lose the Revolution (not that that was in the cards, of course).