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subterranean / подземный, грунтовый, подпольный
имя прилагательное
underground, subterranean, subterraneous, belowground
subterranean, subterraneous
underground, subterranean, backstreet, subterraneous, under-the-table
имя существительное
subterranean, catacomb
житель подземелья
имя прилагательное
existing, occurring, or done under the earth's surface.
This three-dimensional complex of surface closed depressions, subterranean conduits, caves, and springs is known as karst terrain.
After driving in, breaking all previously known records, I parked in this grim subterranean car park, at astronomical hourly rates.
Pumping out the water is not a long-term solution, and the project's ultimate aim is to channel the subterranean water away once and for all.
It is both a museum and a memorial to the thousands who experienced torture under two different totalitarian regimes in the subterranean cells.
Most of them are about the experience of girls and women, about the exercise of power and its abuse, and about subterranean aspects of human relationships.
In other words, this tradition suggests a subterranean relationship between pleasure and austerity.
These drainages envelop the ephemeral wet surfaces and subterranean systems that rarely hold a diverse molluscan fauna.
I've fallen into a dingy subterranean bar called KGB, lured by the initials and the sign outside depicting a froth-capped beer glass.
Expertly juggling pathos and humour, Baumbach has created a queasy tug-of-war between surface civility and subterranean resentment.
German homeowners and gardeners who attempt to destroy an ant hill or subterranean nest will be subject to hefty fines if caught.
Firstly, if you happen to run an extensive subterranean mass transit system, you should familiarise yourself with the topology of the network.