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subsume / включать в категорию, относить к какой-л. категории
включать в категорию
относить к какой-л. категории
subsume, label
include or absorb (something) in something else.
most of these phenomena can be subsumed under two broad categories
White suggested that causal beliefs subsume the notion of causal mechanism, but also include other concepts such as causal power, releasing condition, and liability.
Business leaders would lose no time in pointing out the obvious: that for business to succeed it has to be keenly attuned to a market place that subsumes myriad customer tastes, concerns and preferences.
It is a kind of enveloping void that subsumes the senses into a kind of frozen present.
What she wants or does not want is subsumed in absolute indifference and the great overarching project of finding the perfect negation of ego.
He had come to discuss the Big One, the euro, which could become legal tender everywhere from the Shetlands to Sardinia, subsuming the pound, the Deutschmark, the franc and other EU currencies.
For me, at least, and surely for many others, perhaps more than is realized offhand, the entirety of the song is needed, and the entirety subsumes the particulars.
Kierkegaard's injunction that we leap into faith should be taken less, as is normally done, as a demand for the subsumption of reason into the irrational, but as a call to show fidelity to your conviction.
Teleological theories draw from the efforts of the individual agent to distinguish the real from the apparent good, and to harmonize conflicting impulses by subsuming them under a comprehensive conception of the good.
At times of heightened threat perception, the assertion of values mounts and subsumes careful calculation of interests.
One of the things I inferred from the article was that the author felt that de Beauvoir was somehow living the open relationship because it was what Sartre wanted, subsuming her own desires and mores to his, as it were.