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substratum / субстрат, основание, нижний слой
имя существительное
base, basis, reason, bottom, foundation, substratum
нижний слой
substratum, understratum
имя существительное
an underlying layer or substance, in particular, a layer of rock or soil beneath the surface of the ground.
Deep drilling in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea floor revealed a continental and oceanic substratum covered by upper Miocene and younger sedimentary successions.
a geological substratum
The acoustic facies of its substratum has neither the characteristics of the continental crust nor those of the oceanic crust.
there is a broad substratum of truth in her story
the plant will grow very rapidly and send out runners above the substratum
They constitute the ideological substratum of the party and are not merely tactical considerations to wean away separatist support structures in the Valley as the Government of India tends to believe.
If there is a substratum underlying this trust it is that of a property trust in which units are issued to the public.
there is a broad substratum of truth in it
His materials and settings are drawn from the substratum of his experience as a curator, trained in taxidermy, active in the conservation of paintings and the handling of fossils, fascinated by animal maquettes and mediaeval weapons.
The idea that Aboriginal culture is essentially unchanging and thus ‘the oldest in the world’ appeals to many Australians, and presumably strengthens the substratum of support for native title, as well as the Aboriginal art market.
They are part of the range of institutions that have been the substratum of Scottish distinctiveness within the UK.