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substitute / заменитель, замена, суррогат
имя существительное
substitute, replacement, surrogate, ersatz, succedaneum, sub
replacement, exchange, change, substitution, substitute, commutation
surrogate, substitute, ersatz, imitation, sub
replace, substitute, surrogate, override, displace, act
replace, substitute, surrogate, interchange, change, supersede
имя существительное
a person or thing acting or serving in place of another.
soy milk is used as a substitute for dairy milk
use or add in place of.
dried rosemary can be substituted for the fresh herb
In time little voice intonations, punctuation and even language choice will substitute for body language.
A survey showed more than 70 per cent of students said typing on a keyboard can substitute for handwriting.
No, young campers, there's no substitute for brains.
Stewart was the Rovers substitute
Today reserves the right to substitute the concert and recording session or elements thereof with a prize of equal or greater value at their sole discretion.
The loss of this essential service will place hardship on many people who do not as yet have access to the kind of banking facilities which will be necessary to substitute for walking into the local office.
Put simply, there is no substitute for expressing ideas in precise yet abstract symbols, which can then be manipulated and exploited using established laws and procedures.
They must not substitute for effective action.
Passion is no substitute for genuine compatibility.
Witnesses of non-Judeo-Christian faiths can also ask to substitute an alternate text for the Bible.