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substantially / по существу, в основном, в значительной степени
по существу
substantially, essentially, in essence, basically, in substance, inherently
в основном
in the main, basically, substantially, above all
в значительной степени
largely, substantially, to a great extent, to a large degree, vastly, pretty
to a great or significant extent.
profits grew substantially
for the most part; essentially.
things will remain substantially the same over the next ten years
This should substantially simplify the procedure and save costs and court fees.
The cost of photocopying a book is substantially lower than having to buy one.
substantially higher pension costs
Further aft, the wreck is substantially flattened, but some structure remains.
We would like to think that we can grow the business substantially .
profits grew substantially
Never before or since have real wages and real income grown so substantially .
To make matters worse, it has also come to the end of a bad year when profits declined substantially .
Demand for air traffic has risen substantially in recent years as the cost of travel has fallen in real terms.
things will remain substantially the same over the next ten years