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substantial / существенный, значительный, важный
имя прилагательное
significant, essential, vital, substantial, important, material
significant, great, considerable, large, substantial, important
important, great, significant, big, momentous, substantial
имя прилагательное
of considerable importance, size, or worth.
a substantial amount of cash
concerning the essentials of something.
there was substantial agreement on changing policies
real and tangible rather than imaginary.
spirits are shadowy, human beings substantial
For the nominal charge, individual cubicle rooms are provided as well as three substantial meals a day.
It gave voters a substantial and tangible personal reward and it was something Labour would never do.
Throughout the NCP process governments have fronted difficult issues and implemented sometimes tough reforms because the gains to the public were real and substantial .
He forced her to open the safe, took what police have described as ‘a substantial amount of cash’ and left the hotel, passing one of the cleaners who was coming in.
While the elderly householder was occupied, one of the robbers made their way into her home on Tuesday afternoon and then made off with a substantial amount of cash.
The resonator is wide in the bass, with a substantial , strongly curved pillar and neck.
It has now emerged that police believe Mrs Cooper kept a substantial amount of cash in her home, which along with some prescription medication was found to be missing after her death.
A police spokesman said all of the units within the Bridge Street premises were entered and a substantial amount of cash and property removed.
$250 million is a substantial amount of hard cash to be wasting, but neither candidate will step down lest he lose any potential advantage.
Police say three pouches containing a substantial amount of cash were handed over before then men made off towards Shoebury in a red hatch back car along Central Avenue.