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substandard / нестандартный, не соответствующий языковой норме
имя прилагательное
nonstandard, substandard, irregular, outsize, fourth-rate
не соответствующий языковой норме
имя прилагательное
below the usual or required standard.
substandard housing
The committee was also required to evaluate the extent and problem of spurious and substandard drugs in the country.
They'd been living like that for over six months, most of their money going on substandard accommodation due to a lack of affordable housing.
I had to sign a form saying that I realised my performance was substandard and that the consequences of continued poor work had been explained to me.
In the country's capital city, Santo Domingo, much of the housing is substandard and the quality of the water is poor.
The evidence at trial did not indicate to me that defective or substandard materials were used in the construction of this house.
Jobs are scarce, housing is substandard but costly, and difficulties speaking English keep them in this cycle.
Families live in housing that is considered substandard by Western or Kenyan standards.
Thousands of people live in poorly maintained public housing or equally substandard private rental accommodation.
However, the platform does not even hint that inadequate funding or substandard facilities are major factors in the crisis in education.
Unemployment markedly increased, as did poverty, substandard housing, and cutbacks in basic governmental services.