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subsistence / пропитание, существование, средства к существованию
имя существительное
existence, subsistence, being, life, essence
средства к существованию
livelihood, subsistence, means of subsistence, sustenance, living, maintenance
имя существительное
the action or fact of maintaining or supporting oneself at a minimum level.
the minimum income needed for subsistence
the state of remaining in force or effect.
rights of occupation normally only continue during the subsistence of the marriage
But, of course, it wasn't the weather that had done it: it was the months of dependence in the hotel, with nothing to do, but with a basic subsistence provided.
There can be no real human liberation, Marx explained, unless the productivity of labour is so high that the majority of the population is no longer forced to spend most of its time trying to secure its means of subsistence .
Marriage was far less important for slave women than for white women; slave women, unlike their white counterparts, neither shared property with their husbands nor received subsistence from them.
For a time, beginning in the 1920s, fox fur trading served as a supplement to subsistence .
Although most own very small fields, rights even in these can provide supplementary subsistence .
Thanks to local people's generosity, they have already been able to provide a temporary room and subsistence for eight individuals.
How can you have free trade, and bring the cost of goods down, by giving people wages, which are below the level of subsistence , and maintain that population?
The means of subsistence were practically the same as those of to-day, except that cattle-raising was more general.
The average citizen, however, is fortunate if they provide him with subsistence .
For women facing the uncertainty of cash remittances or declining income, subsistence production becomes an important safety net.