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subsist / существовать, прокормиться, жить
exist, be, live, subsist, prevail, obtain
live, dwell, stay, reside, exist, subsist
имя существительное
аванс в счет зарплаты
maintain or support oneself, especially at a minimal level.
thousands of refugees subsist on international handouts
remain in being, force, or effect.
The fiduciary relationship which subsists between solicitor and client comes to an end with the termination of the retainer.
It becomes normal to see these hugely important capitalist types walking through hotel lobbies, normal to subsist on free croissants and fruit nicked from the Really Big Consultants' office next door.
He lost an eye and both hands while on missionary work in Afghanistan and has had to subsist on benefits ever since.
The mountains, for the most part, had been ignored by the tiny seaside town that barely managed to subsist on the fish it caught each year.
All the Indian breeds have certain common characteristics; they are hardy, resistant to diseases, can withstand harsh ecological conditions and subsist on a low level of nutrition.
The business, as a trading enterprise, continued to subsist as an identifiable item of property.
Attaining such enhancements will surely require serious increases in funding to Inuit broadcast organizations, most of which presently subsist on bare bones budgets.
the effect of genetic maldevelopment may subsist in chromosomal mutation
According to the Centre for the Defense of the Consumer, minimum wage income in urban areas covers only one fifth of basic living expenses, and many people subsist on the volatile income of the informal economy.
the effect of genetic maldevelopment may subsist in chromosomal mutation
Louise, from Kidderminster, Worcestershire, told a Press conference at the state emergency headquarters in Tully how she ate a banana during the first hour of her walk, but was then left to subsist on a diet of chewing gum.