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subsidize / субсидировать, дотировать
subsidize, sponsor, bankroll, back, pension, subventionize
subsidize, subventionize
support (an organization or activity) financially.
it was beyond the power of a state to subsidize a business
There is something to be said about the government allocating almost a quarter of its spending this year to subsidize domestic fuel prices, but that is another story.
Government must continue to subsidize social work and community development being performed by private groups.
it was beyond the power of a state to subsidize a business
The workers survive by raising rabbits which they sell and they sometimes subsidize their food by going door to door with a basket and asking for donations.
The draft is supposed to structurally subsidize the worst organizations and give them the fairest chance of catching the best ones.
And a proportion of profit from the treks goes into a separate fund to subsidize village activities or be shared amongst villagers.
It does not make good business sense for the country to have taxpayers subsidize these activities any more than other hobbies.
King said the municipality had a policy in the urban areas to subsidise burial costs where a family was genuinely indigent.
The federal authorities, too, were subsidizers , tolerating the tax arrears of energy supply companies so long as they maintained electricity to non-paying customers, such as military installations or giant employers.
This subsidization of drug companies by the taxpayers became officially sanctioned by Congress in 1980, when the Bayh-Dole Act was passed.