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subsidiary / филиал
имя существительное
branch, subsidiary, affiliate, branch office, filiation, filial branch
имя прилагательное
auxiliary, subsidiary, supporting, secondary, accessory, ancillary
additional, more, further, complementary, extra, subsidiary
secondary, minor, subordinate, second, peripheral, subsidiary
имя прилагательное
less important than but related or supplementary to.
many environmentalists argue that the cause of animal rights is subsidiary to that of protecting the environment
имя существительное
a company controlled by a holding company.
Most public companies have a holding company and subsidiaries .
For them, a person's right to life is clearly subsidiary to the maintenance of judicial power and the idea of procedural justice.
Multiline Agencies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Multiline Holdings.
Bank of Ireland is one of Elan's principal bankers and its broking subsidiary , J & E Davy, is the company's broker.
It is sort of subsidiary to the question of probability.
The group is the UK subsidiary of McInerney Holdings plc which was established in Ireland in 1909.
The goals of healthcare policy are in danger of becoming subsidiary to those of the pharmaceutical industry.
She even accepted that her existence as Sarah, whilst remaining valid, was subsidiary to that task.
Aborigines and other non-European Australians are subsidiary to Ward's analysis.
New York Life reorganised all its investment management business operations under a separate subsidiary to integrate all related functions within its group.
A third priority amendment centers on eliminating cross-shareholding between parent and subsidiary companies.