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subset / подмножество
имя существительное
имя существительное
a part of a larger group of related things.
A common response of roots to anoxia is the synthesis of a subset of anaerobic proteins related to the glycolytic and fermentation pathways.
It's an echo chamber for the common wisdom of the subset of people who use the site more than anything else.
They mentioned the photo-stream limit, but did not mention that everything else is a subset of the photo-stream.
The council is a subset of Students' Council, made up of councillors who represent co-op students.
Within the trial, researchers looked at a subset of 138 patients with diabetes.
There were far fewer votes cast in the referendum than in the arts regular councillor race even though arts regular is a subset of arts.
You could even perhaps create a script to define a subset of people whom you ‘trust’ to pull in links referencing your post.
computer vendors usually only support a small subset of the disks available
The foreshore and seabed being owned by a subset of New Zealanders instead of all New Zealanders is what the billboard is about.
For developing countries, currency crises are an important subset of financial crises.
There's a certain subset of opera fans who dismiss Rossini comic operas with a haughty wave.