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subservient / раболепный, подчиненный, содействующий
имя прилагательное
servile, fawning, subservient, obsequious, creeping, menial
subordinate, subject, inferior, under, subdued, subservient
contributory, contributor, coefficient, subservient, ministerial, adjutant
имя прилагательное
prepared to obey others unquestioningly.
she was subservient to her parents
There is a need to look within because, in countries across the world, religion has become subservient to local tradition and women have been victimised in a patriarchal society.
By handling this case involving a head of state, the Korean judiciary will become either truly independent from political pressure or subservient to its power.
They are worshipers of the culture of death, whose goal is one thing: to convert the world to their religion, thereby making everyone in the world subservient to them, to their ideals, to their power.
There is good reason for this: Marx elucidated a theory of labor in which workers become subservient to the objects they produce, a theory where people are not exalted by their labor, but devalued by it.
Pedagogical freedom is not an absolute; it is instrumental and subservient to the university's overarching interest in promoting free inquiry and debate.
Again, not much of a case here, because company agendas of cost-cutting, profit-chasing and shareholder value are not subservient to retaining skilled and committed workforces.
When Kennedy ran for president in 1960 he went to great lengths to deny that his religious beliefs would make him subservient to the Catholic church and not the U.S. constitution.
While accountants take confidentiality seriously, as a core value it is subservient to their attestation role.
In all these writers, the narrative self plays a subservient role to the voices of others; the self is rarely placed in a consistent dominating position over others.
If nothing else, this administration provides some space for the emergence of a post-civil rights black leadership not subservient to the Democratic Party.