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subserve / содействовать
facilitate, contribute, assist, support, further, subserve
help to further or promote.
officers are appointed to subserve their own profit and convenience
These results indicate that, depending on the unique features of a given learning, experience, very different classes of mechanisms can be engaged to subserve memory in a particular time domain.
In the encoding-complex view, the importance of such phenomena is that they suggest that the modular systems that subserve number processing often communicate interactively rather than additively.
they extended the uses of writing to subserve their political interest
Conceptually, the idea is that religion, which may impede certain individual reproductive interests, could nevertheless subserve the interests of groups.
He would be expected to subserve American interests in return.
officers are appointed to subserve their own profit and convenience
The changes are not only in brain regions controlling attention, but also in regions that subserve impulse control.
The government seems to have been privatised; its instruments have to subserve party interests.
To subserve the needs of farmers better and to move towards a sustainable actuarial regime I propose to set up a new Corporation for Agriculture Insurance to be promoted by the existing public sector general insurance companies.
The criterion of the goodness of a law is the principle of Utility, the measure in which it subserves the happiness to which every individual is equally entitled.