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subsequent / последующий
имя прилагательное
subsequent, after, following, successive, succeeding, ensuing
имя прилагательное
coming after something in time; following.
the theory was developed subsequent to the earthquake of 1906
It is noted that there was an episode of enuresis subsequent to this report.
It did not follow that every subsequent implementation had to be by means of primary legislation.
Had they existed at any time subsequent to their split in 1983, they would have been big.
They would also remain unbeaten in the subsequent league encounters with Bara.
Police would like to hear from anyone with any information on the theft of the vehicle or the subsequent crash.
What followed, as the subsequent murder trial heard, was a short period of chaos.
The car park is a very important part of that effort and is vital to its subsequent success.
That which should have happened at or subsequent to conversion has never happened.
It opens in the same period and follows their subsequent changes in fortune.
Then, the rock was buried underneath subsequent rock and was subjected to high pressures and temperatures, causing the rock to recrystallize.