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subsection / подраздел, подсекция
имя существительное
subsection, subdivision
имя существительное
a division of a section.
Each entry is heavily illustrated, many dotted with video and sound recordings, most broken up into a myriad of sections, subsections and bullet points.
Clause 43 proposes a new subsection for section 57, and deals with the constitution of that court.
This subsection is a piece of that picture, which I chose because of the man and his son sitting on the beach.
Within this category American tycoons probably merit their own subsection , as do, quite separately, conmen and speculators.
This book is written in the style of a technical report, with sequentially numbered sections and subsections , which makes for easy referencing but chops up the narrative.
The section is divided into three subsections .
We can extend this structural analysis down a level, subdividing the three sections of the poem's first part into subsections and then doing the same with the poem's second part.
Within sections and subsections , ordering is uniformly chronological.
The site layout adopted consisted of 300 m long sections subdivided into 50 m subsections .
The user progressively assigns sections and subsections from the list until the document is complete.
Were I to attempt to take the Court through all the sections and subsections , I would use up my whole half an hour, but it is there for what it is worth.