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subscriber / абонент, подписчик, жертвователь
имя существительное
subscriber, sub
donor, contributor, benefactor, donator, supporter, subscriber
имя существительное
a person who receives a publication regularly by paying in advance.
I have been a subscriber to your magazine for many years
I have been a subscriber to your magazine for many years
Company officials had hoped to expand their services, offering end-to-end solutions to help cable companies implement new broadband subscriber services.
I am a new subscriber to Saga magazine
Linking businesses to the big consumer networks, with their millions of worldwide subscribers , was the first step.
The news is even better for Xbox Live subscribers .
DirecTV is taking a different tack by aiming at its own roughly 10 million subscribers .
The complete list of topics is available for subscribers at
AOL added 1.3 million users worldwide, bringing its total subscribers to 30.1 million.
The upcoming database - code-named Yukon - is now available to some 500,000 MSDN subscribers here.
The report said mobile phone networks worldwide were likely to have 1.6 billion subscribers by the end of this year.