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subplot / подзаговор
побочная сюжетная линия
сюжетная линия
story line
имя существительное
a subordinate plot in a play, novel, or similar work.
He allows the audience to get comfortable in his subplots and controlling plot; we are on the inside of many of the jokes, all of them, in fact, except for one.
However, the film might have benefited from a subplot exploring the back-stories of some of the other refugees.
Too many scenes let the characters shine without moving the plot forward, and a romantic subplot near the end goes nowhere.
Sometimes they have an overarching storyline as a subplot , but they don't rely on it solely.
Thackeray evidently thought that this was too good a subplot to be used only once in English fiction.
This episode is similar to the Portuguese subplot in The Spanish Tragedy.
The subplot of Indian and Chinese interracial relationship was in the mix from the very outset.
It's as if this started out as a significant aspect of the main storyline, then was shoehorned into a minor subplot .
There are more plots and subplots than you could shake a stick at, few of which make any sense at all.
The fault perhaps resides primarily in the excess of plots and subplots , themes of first and secondary importance.
I stayed on the sidelines, amused at the sheer number of plots and subplots which one match could throw up.