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submit / подавать, подчиняться, покорять
feed, serve, submit, supply, give, lodge
obey, submit, surrender, comply, conform, bow
conquer, submit, subjugate, subdue, bend, subject
accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person.
the original settlers were forced to submit to Bulgarian rule
present (a proposal, application, or other document) to a person or body for consideration or judgment.
the panel's report was submitted to a parliamentary committee
This shift emphasizes the need to adhere to arbitration in circumstances where the parties have agreed to submit to arbitration to resolve their disputes.
Entire villages rose in support of the rebels, only to submit when superior forces arrived from outside.
to submit to sth
Meanwhile various unpopular rulers who have held onto power with American support will be forced to submit to the will of their people.
Indeed, I would suggest and submit that it has the overwhelming force of logic attaching to it.
the U.S. refused to submit to arbitration
As leaders and teachers, they call the community to submit to the authority of Jesus Christ.
There he must submit to authority and death - his destruction of the Ring of Power - to save the world.
I think it's marvellous the way he forces you to submit to his universe.
Their religion was a religion of force and fear; how could they understand that men can still despise fear even when they submit to force?