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submerse / погружать, погружаться, затоплять
immerse, plunge, dip, sink, submerge, submerse
dive, plunge, dip, sink, submerge, submerse
flood, inundate, submerge, overflow, swamp, submerse
pellets were then submersed in agar
имя прилагательное
denoting or characteristic of a plant growing entirely underwater.
Moreover, when flooding results in complete submergence, and in normally submersed aquatic plants, availability to the shoots of carbon dioxide, light and oxygen typically diminish.
Stripping off her leather breeches and boots, and her tunic, Isabella slid into the sudsy, herbal scented water of the tub, submersing her body up to her chin.
I submersed myself in the feeling, letting my head go under for a moment.
The crowd was chuckling, but I was still submersed in my delight.
I reached over and switched off the light, submersing the room in complete darkness.
The path is submersed in water maintained at body temperature.
The submersed aquatic plant mermaid weed was collected once in 1997.
Take, for example, their vulnerability to repeated submersions in water, and the fact that they cause cancer.
A low-pitched whine began to fill the air and Meridia's hair and clothes floated as if she was submersed in water.
There's also an entity known as trench foot, which actually is caused by submersing your feet, literally, in cold water for long periods of time.
That's why there's such a complex negotiation between art and autonomy - people do become more themselves, more distilled, through great art, but the first encounter with it is always an ambush or a submersion .