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subjugate / подчинять, покорять, порабощать
subordinate, submit, subject, subdue, subjugate, conquer
conquer, submit, subjugate, subdue, bend, subject
enslave, subjugate, enthrall, thrall, enfetter, beslave
bring under domination or control, especially by conquest.
the invaders had soon subjugated most of the native population
The Idirans, on the other hand, conquer the species they considered inferior and subjugate them into their righteous religious empire.
The concern in Paris and Berlin was that Washington's bid to subjugate Iraq and seize control of its huge oil reserves cut directly across European interests throughout the region.
Either we defeat them and liberate their populations, or they will defeat us and subjugate ours.
But on many issues they have been just as ready to subjugate human rights to their political interests.
It was designed to instil in young noblemen the qualities required to conquer new lands and subjugate their people on behalf of the king and the church.
Abuse is designed to control and subjugate another person through fear, humiliation, and verbal put downs.
Nearly everyone forgot how talented Bather is because he subjugated his game to help the Blue Devils win 92 percent of the time his freshman and sophomore years.
Professor Davis's unorthodox methodology split historians over whether his estimates were plausible but they welcomed any attempt to fill a gap in the little-known story of Africans subjugating Europeans.
Second, Gilman introduced the concept of ‘androcentricism’: the broad-based set of social practices, relationships, and institutions that systematically subjugated women to men.’
It is at this time that the idea of conquering a people and subjugating them became a viable model, rather than total extermination.