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subject / подвергать, подчинять, представлять
expose, subject, put, process
subordinate, submit, subject, subdue, subjugate, conquer
represent, present, introduce, furnish, perform, subject
conquer, submit, subjugate, subdue, bend, subject
имя существительное
subject, thing, object, matter, article, theme
object, facility, subject, objective, entity, operand
topic, theme, subject, text, chapter, burden
subject, person, party, specimen, merchant, bozo
plot, story, subject, chapter
имя прилагательное
subject, liable
subject, subject to, liable, amenable, apt
subordinate, subject, inferior, under, subdued, subservient
experimental, subject
имя прилагательное
likely or prone to be affected by (a particular condition or occurrence, typically an unwelcome or unpleasant one).
he was subject to bouts of manic depression
dependent or conditional upon.
the proposed merger is subject to the approval of the shareholders
under the authority of.
legislation making Congress subject to the laws it passes
имя существительное
a person or thing that is being discussed, described, or dealt with.
I've said all there is to be said on the subject
a branch of knowledge studied or taught in a school, college, or university.
It is important for young people to have training opportunities, but the place for teaching these subjects is at college.
a citizen or member of a state other than its supreme ruler.
In saltana, there are no citizens, only subjects , while the ruler is unaccountable except to God.
a thinking or feeling entity; the conscious mind; the ego, especially as opposed to anything external to the mind.
In the latter case some go as far as speaking unhesitatingly of the mind as a subject - or a self, ego, or even a soul.
cause or force to undergo (a particular experience of form of treatment).
he'd subjected her to a terrifying ordeal
bring (a person or country) under one's control or jurisdiction, typically by using force.
Moreover, the Malaysian judiciary has been subjected to close political control since independence in 1957.
conditionally upon.
subject to bankruptcy court approval, the company expects to begin liquidation of its inventory
subject to sth
Shops along the southern side of Union Street also need to be spruced up but are now the subject of intensive public debate.
It is also subject to environmental approval and the negotiation of a satisfactory dredging contract.
The issue of gated communities has been a subject of intense public debate and litigation in recent months.
He wrote five works on the subject , the most important of which is one on inference.
Bitterness at Aztec rule grew ever more intense among the subject peoples and classes.
admission is subject to providing proof of age
Things get problematic when you confuse the test result with the subject .
In fact, the airport is not subject to the same laws of the land as the rest of us.
to be subject to sb