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subheading / подзаголовок, подрубрика
имя существительное
subtitle, subheading, subhead, crosshead, cross-heading
имя существительное
a heading given to a subsection of a piece of writing.
Writing headlines and subheads is not as dull as it sounds.
Crossheads, or subheads as he calls them, aren't stuck into stories quixotically, nor are they really designed to be read as important parts of the copy.
Does your magazine like to use multiple, overlapping puns in their subheads that signal irreverence and a willingness to make nice to celebrities and their handlers?
Because reporters rarely write their own headlines and subheads, and all the trend-mongering takes place in the subhead of Hellmich's piece, we excuse her from any misconduct.
All pages should have clear headings, subheads , and short paragraphs.
Content is then broken up by clear and useful topic headings and subheadings , and each chapter ends with an excellent summary.
We recommend using an easy-to-read font for the majority of your text, but fancy fonts can be used for headings and subheadings .
The paper ran the piece under a subhead stating that ‘economic meltdown will require temporary nationalization of the country's banks.’
The narrative form of headings and subheadings within each chapter provides an instant summary of the content, enabling a student to rapidly locate specific sections of interest.
More times than not, he deletes the subheads for the finished piece.
The subhead and photo caption announce a clear, succinct thesis, one that gets followed through in detail for the next few dozen pages.