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subgroup / подгруппа
имя существительное
имя существительное
a subdivision of a group.
These groups were further subdivided into subgroups according to the body mass of the respective species.
Some of these tribes might have been a subgroup of the other ones.
Another Minister has responsibility for the community grants, a subgroup of this from the department.
A second subgroup , the episodically homeless, account for approximately 10 percent.
Although Euler's work is, of course, not stated in group theoretic terms he does provide an example of the decomposition of an abelian group into cosets of a subgroup .
A subgroup of the staphylococcus aureus organisms, it is referred to as a superbug because it is resistant to treatment with commonly used antibiotics.
The procedure, today much used in computer implementations, enumerates the cosets of a subgroup of finite index in a finitely presented group.
It is not unusual to see busts or heads serving as lugs for lids of large funerary vessels, especially among the Kwahu subgroup .
Females within the D. melanogaster subgroup were sorted in the field and placed individually into vials.
The government's top three ministries are controlled by men who belong to a tiny subgroup of an ethnic minority.
This group has continued to evolve and even to split into subgroups .