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subfamily / подсемейство
имя существительное
имя существительное
a subdivision of a group.
Accordingly, the kindred was subdivided into 27 subfamilies to remove the loops created by inbreeding.
In the early nineteenth century, language historians identified German as a member of the Germanic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages.
The family Clusiaceae and the subfamily Clusioideae with the genus Clusia have a minimum phylogenetic age of 90 x 10 years.
Sentosia is the name-bearer for the subfamily Sentosiinae and the family Sentosiidae.
We here examine the evolutionary pattern of Catsper1 from nine species of the rodent subfamily Murinae of family Muridae.
Many genera in the subfamily Ambleminae, tribe Lampsilini exhibit sexual dimorphism.
The sample comprises species belonging to different genera in the subfamily Aroideae.
In each case pairs were constructed with species from the same tribe or subfamily .
In this study, we divided the members of three families into clusters and subfamilies with the purpose of separating to some degree the influence of physical proximity and identity.
This family presently contains more than 22 genera subdivided into three subfamilies , and the family extends through most of the Permian.
There are several examples of ancient families or subfamilies being splintered and partially overlain by other groups expanding into the older language's territory.