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subcontract / субдоговор
имя существительное
заключать субдоговор
имя существительное
a contract for a company or person to do work for another company as part of a larger project.
The main contractor entered into a subcontract with the defender on the same terms as the main contract.
employ a business or person outside one's company to do (work) as part of a larger project.
we would subcontract the translation work out
Currus is participating in the refurbishment project under a subcontract to Defense Solutions.
All of the lenders claim that their agreements prohibit spamming, but plenty of lead generators then subcontract out to other lead generators, many of whom use spam.
They would receive commissions for particular texts, which they would then subcontract out to scribes, illuminators, and binders, to whom they also supplied materials and tools.
At the same time, the school authorities won their demand to subcontract with social service agencies to provide students psychological and other counseling services.
Over 70 per cent of the company's revenues and 54 per cent of orders were from Asia where a majority of the subcontract test houses are located.
we would subcontract the translation work out
The Contractor therefore agrees that he will incorporate the terms and conditions of the Contract Documents into all subcontract agreements he enters into with his Subcontractors.
We don't have to subcontract out, so we don't lose the essence of design.
Many of them no longer have resident artists or glass painters, and consequently subcontract out to people like my brother.
We don't know the dollar value of this contract or whether it was a subcontract or contract directly with the federal government.