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subcontinent / субконтинент
имя существительное
имя существительное
a large, distinguishable part of a continent, such as North America or southern Africa.
Chutzpah and discipline more than muscle built the Empire on the subcontinent .
The story faded from the front pages in most of the world, but it was not quickly forgotten on the subcontinent .
It was the first and last glimpse of the subcontinent for millions of colonial servants, and it changes utterly every time I come here.
There are Chinatowns and takeaways all over the world, but in Britain the culinary impact of China is dwarfed by the subcontinent .
It also offers a fine range of Indian cuisine prepared by their resident chef, imported straight from the subcontinent .
This system will develop over the southeastern subcontinent and may reach Namibia's eastern parts.
The subcontinent is home to a number of indigenous breeds of dogs.
The Nehru-Gandhi family dominated politics in the subcontinent for 40 years after the end of British rule.
They can bind relationships even beyond the mental and geographical barriers of a subcontinent .
The result is a new point of reference for the two estranged siblings of the subcontinent to tell stories about each other.
But in the case of the subcontinent , as the U.S. well knows, that peace has yet to be forged.